Breath into Being

Originally from Italy and now living in Phuket, Susanna is a Breathwork Master Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience.

She is also a professional coach skilled in Executive Development, Performance and Self-Actualization Coaching, with a demonstrated history of working in the professional wellness, training & coaching industry.

Author and TEDx speaker, her work has been endorsed and appraised by an international clientele and audience.


Susanna holds a certification in Neuro-Semantics and as a trainer her work is a unique blend of ancient and modern world, through breathwork, coaching, neuro-science, myth, folk tales and anthropology to reveal how our thoughts and choices can shape our life. 


Her main interests are education, self-actualization, training, coaching and the relationship between food, nutrition, and well-being as she is also the co-author of three best-sellers books about vegan lifestyle and raw food (published in Italy) and she's working on her fourth book.


Inspired by Abraham Maslow's quote "Impossible means you haven't found the solution yet" she is committed to put together inspiring success stories, decades of research and her own unique personal experience of more than 20 years in USA, Europe, China and South-East Asia, to support people to become more motivated, more passionate and successful with love and a renewed sense of purpose and personal excellence. 



  • Neuro-Semantic Coaching © and NLP Coaching Patterns © (Fast Phobia Cure, Time-Line Technology, Access Your Personal Genius and others)

  • Rebirthing Breathwork Practice

  • Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy 

  • The Science of Well-Being and Happiness training (Yale University)

And also:

  • Energy Healing Practice (Reiki, Vibrational Therapies)

  • Peak Experiences (Firewalking, Sweatlodges, Arrow Breaking and Rebar Bending, Labyrinth and others)

  • Plant-based living trainings for groups and privates

  • Rituals and Ceremonies (meditations, work with Elements, work with Sacred Feminine, Tarot Readings, and others)

Susanna Eduini

Wellness Activist & Self-Actualization Coach & Trainer ~ Author ~ TEDx Speaker

Jessica Moore
Co-Founder & Creative Director