Discover Your Voice
Public Speaking Coach

Want to increase your influence?

Have fear speaking to a group or masses?

Need help connecting with your audience?

Not sure how to get your message across in a concise way to leave a positive impression?

Perhaps your script needs refining by a professional presenter!

Allow our award-winning coach to help you get your message across and be remembered for your leadership and skills!  

Shine like a Star
Presenter Coach

This course is for aspiring

Presenters wishing to grow their influence, brand and careers.   

1. Lessen the fear of speaking in front of a group

2. Learn script-writing & story-telling techniques

3. In-depth coaching on speech presentation with focuses on tones, speed, volume of voice, emphasis on words, flow & timing.

4. Body Language adjustments

5. Learn to create impact during presentation

Pre-Uni/Job Interview Training
On the Day

These session(s) are for pre-university students prepping to enter into their dream university or interviewees looking to ace their interviews.


Part of entering into your dream university or work place is going through the interview process and many people find it extremely stressful to take part in an interview.   

Focus will be on giving the person the opportunity to train, get acquainted with interview environment and improving on listening  skills and answering.  

This 1-on-1 session can be highly beneficial if you are in need of confidence building and to excel in the art of acing an interview.

Cross-Cultural Communications Workshop

Is your multi-cultural team having difficulty seeing eye-to-eye on how to approach a project at work?

Does your work environment have issues arising from cross-cultural miscommunications?

Do you or your team have poor listening skills?  Do you talk more than you listen?

This group workshop is for you!  

Speak with Authenticity
On the Day

We can only give what we have to give.


Very often, we allow our egos to control the outcome of our peace and happiness.  Why is that?

We lack understanding.  We lack insight.  We do not communicate with ourselves compassionately and therefore we cannot do the same for others. 

Take this course to learn about self-communication, going beyond the ego and gain insight through hypnotherapy or timeline coaching. 


Learning to listen to our hearts & mind, we can head closer to the peace within us.  

Confidence Mentorship
On the Day

We are our own worst enemy.


All of us can BE as long as we are able to BELIEVE and SEE it. 

We lack self-confidence because we do not see.  We want to see the future without taking the risks to get there. We hold onto fear.

We do not speak to ourselves compassionately or positively.  May be we are impatient and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or we lack the courage to walk through the darkness. 

Allow us to hold your hands and walk through the darkness together as it's not as dark as you think.  




Her work is a unique blend of ancient and modern world and her main fields are coaching, mindfulness and well-being.  She inspire and empower countless people to take their health back by adopting a plant-based diet, improving lifestyle practices and learning to live a life like they really mean it. 

As a breathwork trainer and facilitator, she support people in adopting a more effective breathing practice.  She is also a Neuro-Semantics coach and a speaker. She co-authored three best-sellers books about vegan and raw food (published in Italy) and now working on her fourth book, about detox, life-style and food choices. 

Coming soon

More programs will be added soon.  Please check back.  



Want to maximise your power of influence?

This is the session for you!


How good is your memory?  Discover your untapped memory power and creativity to enhance your performance in work and daily life via direct application of memory skills.

1. Maximise your ROI on training

2. Practice an ancient memory technique

3. Remember facts - the FUN way


The keys to developing high performance, impactful communication and personal leadership.


1. Unleash Your High Performance

2. Communication with Power and Influence with Integrity

3. Develop Personal Leadership


This action packed and results-oriented learning programme will focus on the "software" and "hardware" of creative and innovative thinking and applications.  It aims to address ways to recognising and internalising creativity as a High Performance Habit to "SEE EVERY POSSIBILITY AS AN OPPORTUNITY!"