Why does suffering seem to be a necessary part of being human?

When we watch movies, we always find courageous and super muscular superheroes willing to fight the evil. There seem to always be a villain in every movie keeping the balance of good and evil in place.

But WHY do we need balance? Why is it necessary? Why can't we be happy ALL THE TIME?

I used to ask myself these questions when I was going through really rough times in my life. Funny I had a friend who said, "You don't look like someone who suffers much?" I replied, "You cannot tell how much someone suffers by looking only on the outside."

After I had my 2nd child in 2008, I developed beginning stage of depression because I was always worried about his safety so I woke up between 2-8 times a night (I pretty much didn't sleep for months). I did not know why this happened because my 1st child was a very easy baby to take care of and I was always happy.

Then again between 2015-2017, I had another really tough time where I felt cheated by our business partners because they involved their personal relationships into our business. Out of all the partners of the business I was the most well-known, so I felt like a failure in the eyes of many because our business had to close down. I felt like a failure because I had attached who I thought I was to an outer situation and the role that I played in that situation.

And after a year filling myself with hatred for those partners who I felt cheated me, I realised that the ONLY thing that kept me in my suffering was my way of thinking. I was not compassionate towards my ex-partners who were going through their own life lessons and I was not compassionate enough towards myself to let-go of how I thought others perceived me.

I cared too much about how I was perceived and I thought I WAS the situation that happened to me.

What I learned is that we are NOT what happens to us. We are NOT our situations or what others say we are. We are our own superheroes and nothing outside of us can save us. We have all the powers within us to save ourselves.

So whatever situation you feel you have caught yourself into (may be the current covid19 quarantine situation), you can overcome the evil by overcoming your own mind.

Become the Master of your own mind.



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