Who Are You? Because no matter what, I think you're beautiful.

Who are we? This is a questions that we all ask ourselves one day or another and sometimes we get so lost that we hide our feelings inside so deep that we don't know how to unlock it. We see ourselves as the roles that we play...a doctor, a teacher, a technician, an engineer, a cleaner etc etc. We are so brain-washed by the society and cultures that we grew up in telling us who we should be, how we should act that we forget our true nature.

And when we are forced to see, to have hardships like what we are experiencing now during #quarantine, we finally have the time to reflect and to ask ourselves again; who am I? That's when you realized that you are no longer the titles you carry, the money you made, the places where you once worked because all of that is now gone. You ask yourself again, WHO AM I? So , who are you now without any of those outer things that you had relied your securities to?

We now realised that no matter how rich or how poor, you cannot go travel or enjoy a simple meal at the restaurant. No matter you were the CEO or the janitor, you are still staying home and hopefully still have a home to be at. What you realise is that you had missed all the happy times with your ever growing children, the laughter and appreciation that you hardly gave to your spouse, the songs of birds that was waking you up in the morning or the calmness to feel the wind blowing on your face when you have nothing else to do but stare out your window or balcony.

And when you slow down enough, you start to realise that you are still you! You are still 'being'. That you are not sick in the hospital because if you are you wouldn't be reading this. May be you now realise how resourceful your family members are in helping with financial matters when you are no longer the bread winner and they want to help out. Family dynamics change and people's heart start to open and our loves starts coming back into our lives.

Now instead of doing what we 'think' will give us security, we actually do what we 'love'. May be you remembered how much you love fixing things with your hands or playing that musical instrument. Perhaps now you are writing more or wants to finally start your own business that you have delayed for years. YOU are learning how to live again! And you realise that 'life IS beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

To realise that everything that we used to have was not really that important. To realise that we had pushed our hearts' desires aside for the so-called 'security'. Are you going to let life knock you down or are you going to get back up? It's your life. Your choice...so choose wisely.

Sending blessings and peace to you all. May you always find the happiness within you and spread it wherever you go.


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