The World Is A Changing

I bet you can agree with me, lots have changed in the past 2 years! I couldn't help but see that when I was on my New Years trip up north to ChiangMai. We had been unable to travel due to Covid and Dec 2021 was one of the best trips I've had to northern Thailand.

Phuket is my home but ChiangMai is my other home. It's where my in-laws live as my husband is a northern Thai guy (that's what he calls himself) and it was so special to be able to see aging my mother-in-law and rest of the family after over one year.

We visited so many places and below are just a few moments captured.

Left & below: Valley Coffee at Mae Tha Chang

Above: Blue Temple at Mae Taeng

Wat Pha Lat - Temple at Doi Suthep

Below: Garden at Dantevada

Being in nature was immensely healing and it made me think about freedom and change. I find myself asking, are we truly free?

As I enjoyed the travels and new destinations, we also met up with many of my husband's old friends - most are from his primary and secondary school. Almost everyone we met were struggling with income and have to change their work or businesses in some ways.

One separated from his wife so he chose to work over the New Years since he could no longer see his wife and son and two others divorced their wives while others had children and are growing their families under the one of greatest recession of our time. How things change in a mere 1-2 years I thought to myself!

We are such a busy species with the demands of sustaining ourselves constantly on our minds and so much distraction, how can we truly be free?

I don't have the answer to this question as I am currently trying my best to be the master of my own mind while growing my business so one day I will have financial independence. But what's most important to me is not money or health (which presently I have both in good standing), it is freedom from thought.

I guess this is where I need your help in sharing your 'thoughts' with me in HOW to relieve ourselves from the entrapment of our own minds and how to grow are consciousness so we can be on the path to true freedom - Nirvana.

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Be Heard. Be Able.


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