The pursuit of happy-ness when the world shuts down

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Remember the movie starring Will Smith called the "Pursuit of Happyness"? His character in the movie kept chasing outward for financial stability for his family that he lost his wife along the way because she wasn't patient enough to wait for him to succeed?

So let me ask you, what is it that we need to HAVE before we find happiness? Does having our old lifestyle, our jobs, our salaries really make us happier? In so many ways I feel this is a metaphor for our current times where Mother Nature is saying to us humans, "ITS TIME TO SLOW DOWN AND STOP MESSING AROUND! INTROSPECTION IS NEEDED AND PRIORITIES NEED TO BE CHANGED SO WE CAN RAISE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO A HIGHER LEVEL."

I have been feeling uncomfortable waking up everyday without any particular aim except finding little things like a messy house more annoying than usual. Or not being able to find a quiet moment or space for myself because my husband and kids are with me all day and all night. The only time I felt relieved of my discomfort is when I'm doing yoga and finishing it with meditation where my mind momentarily stops.

Our minds is our greatest tool but also can be our biggest enemy if we do not learn to control our thoughts. Now more than ever, we are given the opportunity and the time to stop, reflect and to go within. To connect more deeply with ourselves and our loved ones by communicating deeply and spending quality time with them. If you are alone or feeling lonely, NOW is the time to give yourself the much needed rest or to reach out to your family or friends whom you've neglected in the past. NOW is the time to deeply connect and reach out.

What I learned from past experiences is that the 'chasing' never stops. That the 'happy-ness' fades after we have obtained what we wanted and that feeling of lack will come back time and time again. That is our thoughts controlling us instead of us mastering our minds.

To realise what we should value the most now is our health (because we are not superheroes and can die and we all will someday), our relationships and how we are treating the planet that sustains us.

We are not as invincible as we thought we are.

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