No work, no money and all fear! What's next?

A friend was telling me about this movie called Contagion starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and other huge Hollywood movie stars and highly recommend that I watch it since I have so much more time on my hands. But have I? Nope. So why not?

Well, for once I don't like watching movies that builds fear and I really don't need another movie (no matter how awesome) to tell me the situation that I'm already in and how much I SHOULD fear.

Fear is created by our minds...our incessant thinking. The only thing that is proactive and constructive to do now during this quarantine period is to keep a healthy exercise routine, eat well (Stop opening the frig and yes I'm talking to you!) and perhaps learn a new skill! I'm sure many of you complain about being tired before and never having the time to do what you love, so now is the perfect time to do it!

Here are some suggestions:

- Clean & tidy up your house

- Cook & fix things around the house

- Gardening

- Spend time with your loved ones

- Play games

- Start a blog/website

- Write in your journal/diary

- Bring your business online

- Learn to do video editing

- Exercise

- Go for a drive

- Take an online class/webinar

- Learn a new skill

- Go for a walk

- Start a new hobby

- and the list goes on and on...

If you are reading this blog, its not a coincidence because everything is meant to happen for a reason. Here at Find Your Voice Asia, we focus on helping YOU to develop your better communications skills with a focus on presenting, speech writing and helping you to develop a better way of communicating with yourself and others for long-term success and growth. We focus on the WHOLE YOU!

This Friday, our Founder & International Presenter Ms. Able will be hosting a 1-hour FREE webinar on the topic "Empathic Communications for Changing Times + Develop your presenting skills (online or LIVE).

If you are finding it difficult to advance in your work because of fear of speaking up, lack of self-confidence, inability to communicate with someone you love/with a colleague or you just want to learn something new, then this webinar is for you! NOW is the best time to learn a new skill and to further develop yourself! Don't fear! Join now and register in this link:

If you wish to book a 1-on-1 online session with any one of our coaches, please email to or visit our 'services' section to see what we have on offer for you. 50% off all sessions by Coach Able when you book this Friday after our webinar.

All services can be done over ZOOM or Skype and payments can be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer (within Thailand only).

See you this Friday! Stay healthy and be safe!

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