I Wish You "Enough" - A Reminder to Give Thanks

Recently, my friend/coach shared a post on her social about a story of a mother saying good bye to her daughter while adding, "I wish you enough." Her daughter cried with a sense of longing to be with her mother and said, "I love you mom." And then they departed.

When asked why the mother said that to her daughter, she said that I know deep down it will be the last time I see my daughter since she lives so far away and I'm old and dying. I wanted to remind her that she is enough.

This short post really touched me because it was exactly 3 days ago that I was feeling 'NOT ENOUGH'.

The feeling came mainly from my low bank balance (it's lowest it has ever been in my adult life due to the covid recession and having 90% of my work lost from the events industry) which also links back to my upbringing when I frequently heard from my parents and grandparents of how little we have.

I struggle with the feeling of lack my whole life that even during a RTT session with my Coach (back in 2019), I remembered my baby self of less than 1 years old standing on a crib hearing my grandma yell and complain about how poor they were and that I was a hindrance to her.

After I remembered that from the hypnotherapy session, I understood why every so often, I would feel I wasn't good enough and also why I struggle to keep money. I finally understood why because I was never in a financially wealthy environment and the lack mindset of my family reminded me regularly of how poor we were.

This post made me reflect again on my emotions and I consciously reminded myself that I am actually highly abundant. I went through this list of abundance and you should too:

  1. Excellent Health (I am fit, eats well and I do yoga 3-5 times a week - 1.5 hrs per session)

  2. Emotional Freedom (I have a high EQ, multi-cultural background and able to make all life decisions on my own without hindrance)

  3. Food Luck (I can eat all kinds of food with no allergies and I can eat what I want -nothing too crazy expensive but almost everything since Phuket is awesome that way)

  4. Body Freedom (I have a car and can go anywhere I want since I am an entrepreneur & artist)

  5. Travel Freedom (even if it's only a short road trip to a nearby town)

  6. Material Freedom (I have a useable mobile phone, computer and all of life's necessities at my finger tips) to assist with my daily life and work

  7. Family & Friends (I have a loving and responsible husband, two healthy boys and a small group of close friends and many acquaintance)

  8. Financial Freedom (I can pay for all my bills - somehow even now) even with a low bank balance

  9. Wide Network (I have great connections with many colleagues who I consider friends and they think of me when they need a Presenter or Speaker)

  10. A growing coaching career with clients in Thailand, Singapore, U.S. and Malaysia + more!

As I was reminded that it's thanksgiving, I must not allow this negative relationship that I had with money effect me and that I must change the relationship on how I FEEL about money RIGHT NOW (present).

I am also able to tell myself that I mustn't link a low bank account balance to my abilities or qualification as a mother because I am still ABLE (with the help of my husband) to keep them at the same school and provide for all their basic needs and some.

I am reminding myself AND those of you reading to give thanks for ALL that you have and not focus on the small spot of dirt on your shirt. That we must give thanks to the things we cannot touch such as friendship, loyalty, kindness, forgiveness and most importantly "LOVE".

Money is a tool that we all need and it's important. And as I grow my relationship focusing on my abundance instead of lack, I give thanks to you also for reading my blog.

Please help me share this with anyone who needs reminding and if you are looking to grow your EQ, communications and presentation skills or be more brave, please see my programs at my website www.findyourvoice.asia/services and follow us on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3FD76CO.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget to give thanks!


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