How to communicate effectively?

Hello, Ladies!

Do you know that communication comes in many different forms e.g. verbal vs body language. How about public speaking? What is the first image that comes to your mind when we speak about it? Maybe is someone on a stage?

Do you know that good communication is very important in everyday life? Whenever you meet someone new, be it a stranger or a colleague; whether you are meeting with superiors/subordinates or giving a presentation to customers etc.

Are you ready to speak freely & are able to deliver your message clearly?

Do you know what are good communication skills? More importantly, communication is a skill that could be developed in everyone.

Today, we will be going through some of the keys of good communication skills.

1. How to sound confident?

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Verbal Communication

  • Use relaxation techniques e.g. focus on breathing & actively relaxing your shoulders

  • Speak at a moderate pace e.g. 140-160 words/min

  • Avoid filler words & instead take a deep breath to gather your thoughts

2. What your body languages tell about you?

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Non-verbal Communication

  • Remember the phrase? It's not what you say but how you say it

  • Include eye contact, facial expression & body gesture

  • Gives information on for how a person feel or how someone is receiving the information

3. Why is listening important?

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Be a good listener

  • Making someone feel heard: avoid fidgeting or start a side conversation

  • Techniques of active listening: share similar experiences; smile & nod

  • Ask open-ended questions

Following this please stay tune to an up-close interview with Able Wanamakok, the founder of Find Your Voice Asia (FYVA) to share with us some of her tips on good public speaking & eventually how speaking with authenticity can become your trademark & make you a winner.



Written by: Laura Hui

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