Empathic Communications for Changing Times

Now that Mother Nature is putting a pause on human actions so that planet earth can have a breather from our doings, have you slowed down enough to reflect how you have been treating yourself? How about your relationships with your loved one?

Sharing our feelings is not weakness, its actually a strength. It takes courage, compassion and honesty to reach out when we ask our friends or loved ones, "how are YOU? Most importantly, are you listening intently when they reply back?

Empathy is defined as "the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another". The key word here is 'identification and another' because its about putting ourselves into the other's shoes and trying to imagine how the other person is feeling.

I remembered over 13 years ago when a friend of mind at work was telling me that her puppy contracted a disease and that she had to take it to the veterinary hospital. The veterinarian said that the puppy had to be put down because they cannot save it. As I listened to her tell her story, her eyes teared up and I felt the pain in her heart. We connected in that moment while I listened intently as my heart got heavy that I started crying with her. We hugged afterwards and both felt lifted and less burdened.

To be human is to be able to project our minds into another's shoes and to extend our love to them (love doesn't have to be romantic). I felt that I had helped lift her pain that day when we cried together and that our relationship developed into a deeper friendship.

To know that everyone of us has a story, has their own suffering and a purpose in life is to truly know that we are not only human beings, but spiritual beings.

As I continue my journey from being a TV Presenter/Emcee to being a Holistic Communications Coach, my goal is the same. To lift others up and bring them joy as I learn from my life lessons.

I will be hosting my 1st webinar on April 10th (Bangkok Time) from 8-9am on 'Empathic Communications for Changing Times & How to grow your influence'. Please see below for all details on how to register for this FREE webinar and I look forward to having you join me on this journey towards compassion.

Registration Link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/upErdeypqDkrXsI7Ak3vrBLCWXXjGyWzCw

Join us on:

USA: Thursday April 9, 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

SGP: Friday April 10, 9am 

AUS: Friday April 10, 11am SYD/MEL/ BNE

MAL: Friday April 10, 9am

Event fee: Free

Organizer: Pauline Havens (pauline.havens@gmail.com)

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