Celebrating women, diversity and our voices

This month is known as 'Awareness Month' with International Women's Day on March 8th, International Parental Mental Health Awareness Week and World Speech Day on the same week! March is a huge month to raise awareness on how important our voices are in the world.

Have you shared your voice on U.N.'s topic of #breakthebias for #IWD2022 or speak up about something that deeply touched your heart?

This month gave me a wonderful opportunity to share my view as a woman who experienced bias which helped propelled me to the wonderful life that I have today. The Universe has it's way of guiding me towards my purpose and feeling suppression in the past gave me the urge to speak up bravely today.

Before I write further, know that this has nothing against men. I have received tremendous amounts of support from men over the years including my loving father, my wonderful husband and brother. I feel when women speaks up about breaking the bias, it's an accumulation of decades and century of imbalance in society where women were not given fair treatment. Now more than ever is the time to share our voices and be heard.

In our egocentric minds especially when we are not thinking consciously, we will always be focused on our own selfish agendas. This is of course not always with the purpose to suppress others as both women and men does it but I do wish to write this blog with the aim to promote higher awareness as well as purposeful speeches.

When I observe myself and what comes out of my mouth especially when I'm driving, I find myself saying lots of unfriendly words (yes...I mean cursing at other drivers!) because I was blurting out words without thinking. I do not like this about myself and I realize that instead of just reacting and pointing fingers on how things SHOULD be, I have to control my emotions with less reaction and more self control.

I feel what women are saying when they speak about "Breaking the Bias" is that they want to be treated with more inclusion, given equal pay as men as well as fair opportunities. I believe we say this because I also experienced bias and suppression in my younger years and I did not feel I was allowed to speak my mind or feel safe to share my voice without negative consequences.

Still till this day, men dominate conversations in work places and meetings and I often sense that men assumes the role of the superior automatically especially at work. When women show up as strong, out-spoken and intelligent, there is a sense of threat in the air by men who are insecure. Both sides needs to find balance in the way they communicate their needs without creating resistance.

Here are some communication tips that I have learned in the past two decades communicating with my husband:

  1. Share your thoughts without attaching too much emotions or ego

  2. Be open to listen to the other side. They have the right to speak too.

  3. Seek to understand before being understood

  4. Find a calm space and environment to start the conversation

  5. Be clear about the aim of your talk - to make peace, not to raise war

To end this journal, I wish you peace starting from creating conscious thoughts before releasing it out as words. If you want to be heard and to grow, you must learn first to listen and speak with peace in mind and heart.

Wishing you all positivity, peace and good health this month and beyond!


Be Heard. Be Able.

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