Be the hero of your own story

Jessica Moore
Co-Founder & Creative Director

We all love a great story.


Stories that captures our imagination…the story of a Hero triumphing over adversity.


It sparks hope that one day we can be courageous and heroic and become the hero of our own story. Hope is the spark for something better and a catalyst for a massive bleep on your EKG.


Without the hope of something better we would simply shrug our shoulders and proclaim “IT'S GOOD ENOUGH “.


Courage and hope are the great equalizer that don't hold us hostage to our past


Sixteen years ago my story was a story of cocaine addiction  and alcoholism.The lure of the razor blade soon took on a different meaning then for chopping the perfect line.


I would never have thought the Impossible finishing multiple Ironman races, facilitating change and hope  for thousands of people, but ultimately telling myself a new story . The new story I live now is one of unconditional love and acceptance of self .I am no longer searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,I realize now I am the rainbow and I am the pot of gold.

Ironman Finisher, Recovered Drug/Alcoholic, Mentor, Lifestyle Media Commentator, Heroic Story-teller
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